Be Sure to Sse CCTV Cameras In outdoor and Indoor Aeras

Tips for choosing a second CCTV camera that is based on usage. It is important to note also the placement and function of CCTV cameras in choosing CCTV cameras, namely, whether the CCTV will be used on the inside of the room or on the outside of the room. Meanwhile, you may also consult he trusted security and Locksmith company to improve your home security system locksmiths247.

Outdoor CCTV Camera

If the CCTV camera is used on the outside of the room, then choose a special CCTV camera. The difference between outdoor CCTV cameras and indoor CCTV camera cameras is that outdoor cameras are more able to reduce sunlight and the number of infrared LEDs used in general is more than that of indoor CCTV cameras. All available outdoor CCTV cameras are weatherproof (IP66 / IP67) and equipped with protection to withstand sunlight or rainwater or the protector is commonly referred to as a camera cap, you do not have to buy housing anymore.

Indoor CCTV Camera

If the CCTV camera is used on the inside of the room, the choice is so many, most of the cameras available are used for the interior of the room. The form of a CCTV camera that will be installed on the inside of the room must be adjusted to what you want and its placement, whether it will be installed on the ceiling, wall or on the wall, hidden or disguised with other products.

Indoor CCTV cameras are also equipped with infrared. Infrared is useful for monitoring in dark conditions, but if space or area monitored is quite bright, you can simply choose a camera that is not infrared. As technology develops, all types of indoor cameras are equipped with infrared and are equipped with ICR (IR Cut Filter) technology in the sense that if there is no light or no light, CCTV cameras equipped with ICR technology will automatically change the color of images and videos produced in bright black and white.

Dome camera

This type of camera is specifically for mounting on ceilings or ceilings and cannot be combined with a rotator because there is no holder for the CCTV rotator, if you want to install Dome type CCTV cameras and can rotate choose Pan Tilt Dome CCTV Camera.