How Does AC Work In Providing Cool Temperature In A Room?

When the temperature in the room is hot, we usually feel hot and sweaty. These conditions often make us uncomfortable. Therefore, some people need air conditioning equipment, such as fans or air conditioning system. If the fan produces wind because the rotating propeller is fast, then how does the air conditioner produce cold air? If you don’t know how air conditioner works, it can be a good idea to continue reading this article. If something goes wrong wit your AC unit, you can call aircon repair singapore to ensure that your AC will work back based on its function.

Evaporation process is the part of how AC works in providing the cool temperature in the room regarding the brand or type of AC you are using at your home. AC has a secret called an evaporation system. This evaporation process is similar to the condition when a doctor or nurse wants to inject us. Before being injected, the doctor or nurse will usually apply alcohol to the area of the body to be injected. After being applied, it will usually feel cool and cold. This happens because alcohol has evaporated and removes body heat.

You must know that freon serves a cooler. When the liquid turns into steam, or what is called evaporation, the heat around it will disappear. Well, the way how AC works is important to know. The difference is that AC uses liquids instead of alcohol. Alcohol and Freon can evaporate and turn into gas. Therefore, Freon is also called a cooler. Inside the air conditioner, Freon is converted into a gas that can cool the heat to be released in the form of cold air.

Unfortunately, freon can actually damage the environment? Well, if the ozone layer is damaged, natural disasters and environmental damage will occur. Therefore, at this time scientists are looking for the discovery of new refrigerants that do not damage the environment.