These Are Two Causes of Car Doors Cannot Be Closed Properly

As one vehicle that is always used by many people, cars do need proper care. There are various problems that will be experienced if car maintenance is not done properly. One of them is a problem on the door of a car that cannot be opened or closed tightly. If this happens, you can use the services of the Edinburgh Locksmith. With proper handling, your car can be used properly lock service.

For car doors that cannot be closed properly, there are usually several causes. Among others are

– Hook or Doorlock device
The door lock device functions as an anchor hook from the door leaf just after the door leaf are closed. If you often close the door with strong and strong energy, there will be problems.
A loud pounding affects the door lock device. This device becomes worn quickly. This can not only happen to cars that are over five years old. New cars will experience the same thing if you often close the door with a strong and loud thud. Another reason is the presence of water entering the door lock device. When the car is washed with high water pressure from steam and the door is not tightly closed, it can certainly cause water to enter the device.

– Door Hinges Down
The common cause of car door hinges being down is the age of the car that is already over five years old. However, this could happen to a newly used car if the car door is often opened and the door hangs too long. As a result, the position of the door hinge can go down.
Even though it is only a quarter or a half millimeter, if the leaves of the door are left too long to hang, the shift and decrease in the hinges will increase.
How to prevent and overcome it, namely do not let the door leaf often hang too long when opening it. If that has happened, you can give lubricant to the door hinges.