Types Of Sliding Door

Sliding doors have often been discussed as a solution to overcome the problem of limited space in a small room or house cheap handyman singapore. There are different nuances if the sliding door is part of the interior layout of the room. Dynamic and contemporary feel thick as part of the atmosphere of the room. If you want to install a door, you can ask handyman service in singapore.

During its development, the sliding door was no longer made of wood and translucent paper only. There are also sliding doors made of glass, aluminum, etc. If you want to install a sliding door, what type of sliding door is the most appropriate for effective land function while increasing its visual aesthetics?

We will discuss some of the most commonly used sliding doors.

1. Arcadia door
This door is made of glass and is rectangular. Arcadia door is mounted parallel to the glass panel that has the same shape as the roller. The door will be close to the glass panel when opened and return to its original place if it is closed. This door is most often used to separate interior and exterior areas, or as a separator between the inner room and the backyard. Therefore, this door is also called a patio

2. Shoji screen
This type of sliding door has been discussed previously, namely the designation for a typical Japanese sliding door.

3. Pass the door
This type of door is most widely used as a closet door. The door will cross and back to back when opened, so also when the door is closed. This door is mounted on tracks/rails that are installed at the bottom and top of the door frame.

4. Pocket door
This is the type of sliding door that is most widely used in very narrow areas and does not allow installing hinged doors. The Pocket doors will enter the compartment hidden on the wall when opened. Pocket door rollers are usually at the top, and sometimes some are equipped with tracks on the floor. This door is usually installed in the bathroom, bedroom, or workspace. Can also be used as a closet door.

5. Mirrored door
Similar to a bypass door or pocket door, but it is equipped with glass on one side. Usually installed as a closet door and doubles as a makeup mirror.