Mandatory Pieces Of Equipment For Golfers

Golf is one type of sport that is widely favored by many people. But indeed, golf tends to be synonymous with rich people who always play hitting this ball while talking about their business. However, now golf is not merely synonymous with rich people because many people can also try it. Golf can provide many benefits. Although the movement is as simple as possible, the player needs physical fitness, mental prime, and definite techniques. Meanwhile, check out the best bangkok golf as well.

Of course, to play golf must use a variety of equipment. Here is some golf equipment that you must have:

Left-hand gloves

The first is gloves which are only used in the left hand. The right hand doesn’t need to wear gloves. Now there are many shops that sell this type of glove. Don’t get me wrong, gloves for golf are different from ordinary gloves so you can get them only at sports stores.


Next is to have a tee. A tee is a tool like a nail in the shape that is stepped onto the ground and is used to support the ball before it will be hit. This tee on the market is quite cheap.

Golf stick

There are three types of golf sticks available, namely wood, iron, and putter. Wood is a stick used to hit long distances, while a putter is used to punch the green. While for the wedge is iron that is used a short distance punch.


Golf sports certainly need a ball to beat. This golf ball is not just one type but has many types. There are ball Titleist, Wilson, Pinnacle, Srixon and many more. Each golf ball is quite affordable as well.


Shoes to be able to play golf are of course special shoes and not ordinary shoes. Golf shoes themselves have different characteristics compared to ordinary shoes. You can buy it at the nearest online store or sports shop.


Playing golf is certainly identical to being in the heat of the sun. For this reason, this hat is very important and not just a style. With a hat, you can minimize the glare of the sun when you hit the ball.