This Is the Reason the Dirty Air Conditioner Will Damage It

The use of air conditioner can indeed make the room you occupy become more comfortable and the air becomes cooler. For this reason, there are many people who use air conditioners in several rooms in their homes aircon installation singapore. The right air conditioner will make the room cooler. However, the cleanliness and care of the air conditioner must also be considered. Use services from an aircon service so that your air conditioner maintenance can be done to the maximum.

Dirty air conditioner will make the tool easily damaged. In addition, the air quality in your home will also get worse and increase the risk of respiratory disease in yourself. So, make sure the cleanliness of your air conditioner is always maintained. This will make the air in the room cleaner and there will be no germ particles or dust flying in the air.

It should be noted that the workings of the air conditioner are to suck dirty air from outside the room, then filtered by air conditioner so that the air entering is clean filtered air. Air filtration in the air conditioner working system is what causes a lot of dust to accumulate and results in not filtering optimally on the air conditioner. And the damage to the air conditioner is often caused by this. Dust and dirt trapped in the air conditioner filter will inhibit the path of the drainage air conditioner which will make the water come out of the air conditioner through another hole in the machine.

Not only damage the working system of air conditioner, dust and dirt that accumulates can also cause respiratory problems in humans, such as asthma or even allergies. That is because the air conditioner is not cleaned regularly, so the fungus and bacteria will thrive and make the air conditioner become dirty. You need to do routine cleaning on the parts of the air conditioner, such as air filters, fans (blowers), and the evaporator to be free from dust and dirt.