Strategies To Provide More Store At Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a small room with many functions. You can get many functions when you are creative. When you choose to call some bathroom renovation contractors, you get different bathroom renovation costs. This means that each of them charges you in a different way. However, you may not think that the most you spend your money, the highest the quality of service that you will get. It all depends on the way the contractor works in handling your renovation project. In addition, the materials they use to determine how much you should spend your money.

If you still have the budget to buy the furniture you can install at the bathroom, Here are some strategies that provide more storage to keep your makeup, toiletries, and towels organized.


The area above the door is rarely used, but it can be a great place to store items that you don’t need every day. An out-of-range rack can accommodate additional toiletries or hidden air fresheners to keep your bathroom fragrant.

Dual function mirror

Two-in-one mirrors are good for small spaces. When closed, this is a perfect mirror, but when opened, the shelves store all products such as health and beauty care.

Storage of toiletries

Shoe storage can work even better when in the bathroom. The existing bags are designed to be a place to store various things. While the hole near the top is easily connected to the shower curtain hook. Be sure to get storage with a net bag to keep the water flowing and not settling.


When you run out of space at the table but still need a place for hand moisturizing creams and hair ties, think about placing them vertically. Create your own tiered place by stacking two plates supported by a candle holder. This is a practical and inexpensive way.

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