Shoulder Fracture: Have You Ever Experienced It?

If you are an athlete and want to ensure that you will get the right treatment then you can consider sports chiropractor santa monica. Well, vertebral fracture seems like the serious problem so that is why you need someone professional for the treatment that will fit your condition Dr. Roy Nissim. However, the fracture can happen to any other part of the body, shoulder for instance. The right treatment of fracture provides you the peace of mind which also means that you can relieve both the pain and stress.

Shoulder fracture is a common injury that occurs if one shoulder bone has a fracture or crack. The most common cause of this condition is chest trauma, such as a fall, a motor vehicle accident, or a collision during exercise.

There are many conditions for broken shoulder bones that are only cracked. Even though it is only a crack, the condition is still painful even though the potential for harm is not as large as a broken rib into several parts. The tip of a jagged broken bone can damage the main blood vessels or internal organs, such as the lungs.

Causes of Broken Shoulder

Shoulder fractures are most often caused by direct collisions, such as the effects of motorized accidents, falls, child abuse, or collisions during exercise. Shoulder bones can be cracked due to repeated trauma from sports such as golf and rowing or from severe and prolonged coughing.


There are several trigger factors that make a person at risk for a shoulder fracture, such as:

1. Osteoporosis. Having this disease, where bone loses its density, makes you more vulnerable to fractures.
2. Sports participation. Playing contact sports, such as hockey or soccer, increases the risk of most chest trauma.
3. Cancer lesions in the ribs. Cancer lesions can weaken bones, making them more vulnerable to fracture.

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