Sweltering summer days asks for cooling with the most recent blockbuster in a dark theater. Shockingly, average concession stand fare will in general be loaded up with a portion of the most exceedingly bad guilty parties with regards to ultra-prepared foods: neon candy, sugary drinks, and “buttery flavor” topping. It’s frequently flown in canola oil or coconut oil, which might be a couple of days old. And that topping is really soybean oil, siphoned with counterfeit flavors and colors.


Underneath the majority of the salt and grease, popcorn is as yet a whole grain! And it can be a healthy, satisfying and crunchy nibble. Make it crisp at the theater, treat it right with a shower of additional virgin olive oil, a sprinkle of sugar and spice, a little black pepper and parmesan, or any of these more advantageous thoughts for toppings. AMC Menu Prices are always running discounts as well. Get Extra Cheese on your Nachos.


In the event that your AMC motion picture candy of decision is chewies (90 g sugar), gummies (62 g sugar), sours (65 g sugar), or some other fruit-flavored candy, one theater-sized box is effectively twofold to triple the suggested every day limit for sugar! Frozen grapes are the more regular decision. They’re cool, simple to fly in your mouth, and a sweet-tart answer for sugar cravings.

  1. Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Candy

Chocoholics can really pile on the calories on motion picture night—chocolate caramels can set you back 595 calories, nutty spread pieces at 600 calories, and malted milk balls at 665 calories. Consider nibbling on an ounce or two of value dark chocolate. You can enjoy it longer and get in a serving of new fruit—bananas and strawberries love a dunk.

  1. Fresh Crunchy Beans

The two chickpeas and edamame are doing a truly good activity of pretending to be popcorn nowadays, and they offer some satisfying plant protein. Shower with a little olive oil, sprinkle lightly with salt, and meal until crunchy. You can move them around in some Italian-inspired garlic, oregano and parsley, or Indian-style coriander, cayenne and cumin, to up the appetizing edge.

  1. AMC Nacho and Cheese

Sweet potato, kale, and zucchini chips are one of those going back and forth foods. They’re most likely preferable for you over plain old potato chips, yet before grabbing a bag, check the mark for fat and sodium. Roasting at home is really the best alternative — you have more authority over the ingredients and can safeguard a portion of the nutritional advantages of the veggies. Hurl kale leaves with olive oil and garlic, and toast until papery and fresh in a hot broiler.

  1. Tortilla Chips and Guacamole

Nacho cheddar is another riddle sauce that can mean nearly anything—is it cheddar? Pause, what kind? You can make your very own at home with skim milk and sharp cheddar, so in any event you realize what’s going in the pot. In any case, even better, go after nature’s spread: avocados, obviously! Squash them into a custom made guac, and present with veggie sticks and whole-grain chips.

  1. Grilled Hot Dogs

There is a great deal of good motivations to stay away from prepared meat—starting with that foil-wrapped dog. Yet, in the event that you cherish your summer sausages, there are without a doubt some better options. Fitbit sustenance master, Tracy Morris, nourishes her children all-characteristic chicken dogs, made with skinless meat, real boneless. Put them on a whole-wheat bun, and heap on grilled peppers and onions. Get all the facilities with AMC Concession Prices is satisfying at the least.

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