Influencer Marketing Strategies That Suitable For Startup Companies

Influencers have a market or large audience that trusts them. And therefore, they can potentially make the public or consumers trust your startup business gps tracker geofencing. Working with them will drive the best results through a cost-effective marketing campaign. In fact, you can also increase your ad conversion rate by using content provided by Influencers. Meanwhile, check out the trusted geofence service near your area if you want to attract nearby customers online more effectively.

This type of marketing has helped many new startup businesses to reach and engage their target customers or markets effectively. That’s why startup businesses are increasingly focusing on collaboration with them.

Influencer Marketing

What exactly does influencer marketing mean? Basically, marketing is a method for promoting and selling your business products or services through people who have a high degree of influence on certain groups or markets.

Through posts on blogs, social media, YouTube videos, and other means of social communication, they can market content about your business products and services to be seen and accepted by your prospective customers. The form of content provided by them is often considered more credible, liked, and authentic than other forms of media.

Two Types of Influencers

There are two types of Influencers themselves, namely Micro and Macro Influencers. It is important to understand the difference between Micro Influencers and Macro Influencers. As well as how each of them will benefit your startup business through a business marketing campaign.

The significant difference between the two types of Influencers lies in the number of each of their followers. Someone can be categorized as Micro Influencer if they have 1,000 to 100,000 followers. Whereas Macro Influencers have followers of more than 100,000. Then, what does this mean for your business’s marketing strategy?

Macro or Micro Influencer?

According to the research results, due to the smaller follower base and proximity to consumers, the average level of involvement of Micro Influencers is actually slightly higher (2.75%) than the average level of involvement of Macro Influencers (2.65%). Not only that, but Micro Influencers can also reach consumers more effectively. That means you can also target influencer marketing campaigns based on age groups, interests, and even locations.

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